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One of the leaders of the Parsi reform movement of the 19th century was Dadabhai Naoroji. He joined J.B. Wacha, S.S. Bengalee and Naoroji Furdonji to form the Rahanumai Mazdayasanan Sabha (Religious Reform Association), in 1851. Its aim was to improve the social condition of the Parsis and to restore the purity of Zoroastrianism. The founders started the Rast Coftar (Truth Teller), a weekly journal, for Parsi reform. The Zoroastrian Conference was set up to consider social and religious matters.

THE DEVA SADAN Behramji M. Malabari, who staw1ch1y opposed child marriage and compulsory widow­hood, formed the Seva Sadan in 1885. The organisation focussed on the welfare of the socially deprived especially the women. Efforts of the Seva Sadan played a major role in ushering in the Age of Consent Act in 1891.


The Sikh religious reform movement began with the found­ing of the Khalsa College in Amritsar in the 19th century. The Gurdwara Reform Movement for liberating the gurdwaras from their corrupt mahants tumed into the Akali movement. The Akalis' contribution bore fruit with the passing of a new Gurdwara Act by the Government in 1922.

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